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There's no better time to improve your chances of landing your dream project management job than right now

It's a high paying profession - typically paying around 20% more than the national average salary.

With experience it's possible to get into the lucrative contractor market where the day rates can give you a six figure salary.

You get to influence change and shape the world in some way. In small or large changes, you get to make the world better.

It's a results driven profession where your outputs are often directly linked to what you put into the work. It's a situation that works well for people with ambition, intelligence and a strong work ethic.

And the profession is growing! In order to maintain the level of change being seen in our world, project management is going to become one of the most sought after skills.

But getting that first role isn't simple.

And neither is landing the next job.


The job market has changed.

Competition for the best roles has increased.

Over 500 people apply for each advertised job now.

So sending a hundred CV/resumes isn't enough. They may not even get seen due to the volumes of applicants.

Applying for every opportunity on the job board isn't enough. The recruiters don't seem to notice you.

Putting the "Open To Work" frame on your LinkedIn profile isn't enough. Only your friends will see it.

The chances are you already know this.
If you are actively job-seeking now there are urgent steps you need to take to improve your chances of landing your dream job.
Immediate action to enhance every step of your job search process and utilise every advantage you have.

If you are comfortably employed, there are steps you should be taking to improve your chances in the job market for when you're ready to make the big move.
You know that a move will be required at some point - for greater income, for greater security, for a new challenge.

You need to start using your advantages and creativity to get a chance. You need to do things that your competition hasn't considered doing.

Yes, you need to do the basics - write a good CV, apply for jobs, turn up to interviews prepared, but there's so much more you can be doing that will improve your chances of landing the interview and getting the dream job.

That's where I can help.

Meet Your Teacher

I'm Stuart Taylor, the creator of the Influential PMO YouTube channel, where I share tutorials, tips and opinions on all matters relating to project management, PMO and assurance. I have worked on projects in banking, insurance, fintech, retail, local government and health; and now - whilst juggling a full time PMO role and enjoying a healthy family life - spends much of my time creating content that advises fellow professionals and newcomers on how to avoid the self sabotaging behaviours that prevent projects from being successful.

I have been recognized as a 2023 World PMO Influencer Award finalist by the PMO Global Alliance and have presented at PMI chapters and the Digital PM Summit.

I present to you the Project Management Career Growth Cycle, a strategic framework that guides me not only during the urgent search for new employment but also throughout the periods of contentment in my current role.

This methodology rejects the traditional linear progression; it's a cyclical process designed to continuously position me for future opportunities, ensuring that the pursuit of career advancement doesn't halt upon securing a new position.

It's how I prepare myself before searching for a new job and how I commence the search.

It's how I build a massive network that exposes me to the best job opportunities.

Rated at 9.5 out of 10 by students in feedback surveys!

About the Course

This course is tailor-made for aspiring project managers and seasoned professionals looking to take the next step in their project management careers. Whether you're eager to enter the project management field or a mid-career professional seeking a new challenge, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to secure your next project management job.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain exclusive access to a wealth of insider knowledge and first-hand experience from a seasoned project management expert. This has been shaped into a seven step cycle that will help you no matter where you are in the process of finding your next job.

What's more, you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning at your own pace. As the project management landscape evolves, so will this course. You can expect new content and insights to keep you at the forefront of industry trends. This means you'll always have access to the latest strategies and techniques, ensuring your skills stay sharp and in-demand.

Through a combination of engaging lessons, practical exercises, and real-world examples, you'll emerge with the confidence and expertise to land your dream project management job and set yourself up for a successful career in this dynamic field.

In addition to my comprehensive course materials, I’m excited to offer you a truly immersive learning experience. You will be invited to participate in exclusive workshops designed for course participants. These events will be organised throughout the year, so look out for invitations!

But that's not all! I’m going above and beyond to provide you with exclusive interviews featuring seasoned project management experts. These interviews are your gateway to gaining invaluable industry insights, hearing success stories, and getting first-hand advice from the best in the field.

My commitment to your success goes beyond just coursework. I believe in fostering a supportive community and giving you access to the wisdom of those who have excelled in project management

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your project management potential!

Perfecting Project Management Job Searches and Interviews

Apply Stuart's style to refine your approach to project management job searches and interviews. Learn strategies to present yourself as the perfect fit for coveted roles, setting the stage for career success.

Professional Growth with Skills and Certification

Explore the impact of skills and certifications in project management. Gain insights from Stuart into their relevance and effectiveness, empowering you to make informed decisions for your professional growth and project success.

Influence and Network for Success

Uncover the art of strategic networking and thought leadership through Stuart's journey. Learn the why and how of leveraging connections to establish yourself as a trusted authority, unlocking doors to exciting career opportunities for you as well.

Group Zoom Calls and Network Building Opportunities

Group Zoom calls to ensure that you have applied the lessons correctly, to discuss challenges and concerns, and to develop your network with likeminded professionals.

Discounts for 1-to-1 Coaching / Mentoring Call

Students receive discounts to 1-to-1 coaching / mentoring call to discuss any aspect of the course, your career, or a specific project management challenge you are facing.

Contributions and Interviews with Special Guests

Contributions from project management experts and recruiters offering their insights on recruitment and project management careers.

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Your Success is My Priority

I'm confident you'll find tremendous value in my course. However, if you're not entirely satisfied within 30 days, I'll gladly refund your investment, no questions asked.

I truly believe in the impact of this program, and I want you to feel secure in giving it a try.

Your satisfaction is my top concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the course? Will I be able to fit it in around my life?

A: The course is made of a series of short videos and text, with some long form interviews and live webinars. The whole course content will be made immediately available to you.

I should also add that the course is not static - it will change and evolve over time. As I learn new things, I'll update the course. It truly is a living course and will reflect the entirety of my knowledge at any point in time.

Q: Will there be webinars and group events?

A: Webinars take place every few months covering the topics from the course and including special guests.

Q: Will webinars be recorded and shared?

A: No, as the conversations around employment and income can be sensitive and I want to encourage people to feel free to speak openly about their lives and experiences.

Q: Is it a project management course? Will I learn what project management is from this?

A: No, though there are some basic introductory content and definitions. This course will point to learning providers and creators that can help you to develop basic project management skills; but the primary aim is to help you to get the next - or first - project management job based on my knowledge and experience.

Q: There are assignments as part of the course? What is my obligation around them?

A: You will get the best outcomes by completing the assignments... but I won't be marking your homework. It's in your interest to do the work - especially the assignments that take you out of your comfort zone.

Q: How does this differ from any other course or book about job searching?

A: It's different as it's about my approach and how I blend the traditional models that everyone does with my experience of nearly two decades as a project professional with multiple job moves, PLUS what I have learned about social media and networks that can make us stand out from the average job hunter.

I am transparent in the course about the parts that I have struggled with, the areas I had to improve on. And there are sections where I bring in experts that have better experience than I have, along with their unique perspectives.

Q: Enrolment for the course closes soon... but I can't afford the full amount at the moment. Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes - the course offers a payment plan and, in some regions, a buy now pay later option.

Q: Can I send the course as a gift?

A: Yes - the checkout page provides a send as gift option.

Q: What if I try it and don't think it will help me?

A: You get a 30 day no questions money back guarantee. If this doesn't help you at all, if you don't learn a single useful thing that can improve your chances in the market - then I don't want your money.


Besides being rated at 9.5 out of 10 by students in feedback surveys, I have received the following feedback.

'I want to express my sincere appreciation to Stuart for his incredible course on project management, which exceeded my expectations.

This course wasn't solely about project management; it encompassed a wealth of knowledge and practical aspects one could ask for. The careful crafting of the course demonstrates his dedication, and it is undeniably worth every moment.

Stuart shared his expertise generously, extending support beyond the classroom and conducting sessions that were truly enlightening. His attentive listening skills made the learning experience incredibly engaging. Thank you for being a phenomenal mentor!' - Nivita Dhameja

'I would recommend the Find Your Next – Or First – Project Management Job course.

It provided me with tips, insights and valuable nuggets of information to enable me to move forward in looking for new PM posts. It was also a reminder of the achievements and successes in my own career and in turn boosted me in my efforts.

I found the job search section of the course very helpful. How to consider key words, filters and website identification all helped to make a sometimes overwhelming exercise appear clear and approachable. Myth busting on terminology, example ‘digital project manager’ I also found to be clear and informative.

This course provides a ton of best practice suggestions in the job interview section – and acute observations on what not to do.  

The LinkedIn section was useful in helping me develop my presence on the platform and consider how my digital self is viewed.

A super course and money well spent.' - Lex Lewis

'For me I found the course very insightful and thought provoking. The sessions were tailored to all the areas and others I had not thought of within my role and future role.  

Interactions with yourself were personal and gave opportunity to share current challenges/ areas of improvement. Your answers and guidance was always welcome and specific to my concerns.

The greatest thing I gained from the course was confidence in my abilities, direction in my future path as a project professional and a wider view of all that is available to me within Project Management. 

Lastly I am truly grateful for the 1 on 1, your knowledge and desire to help me was deeply appreciated and evident from beginning to end.' - Tendai Dhliwayo

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